Prana Power Yoga

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Prana Power Yoga revolves around life energy.  Prana, by nature, refers to movement. When we move from our body to Bodha or consciousness, we observe Prana. Samadhi is the state achieved when the body of a Yogi remains silent and static in pure consciousness.  The Prana leaves the personality and transcends upwards through Sushumna. The Pruusha is merged with pure consciousness and there is no significant difference noticed.  The Sakti at this time merges in Shive. The consciousness of the Yogi is turned outwards when he is no longer in Samadhi and this movement and momentum that comes upon the pure consciousness is known as Prana.

The Yogis believe that Prana is assimilated from the foods that we consume the air that we breathe and the water that is drunk by us. Nourishment is supplied to our bodies by nitrogen, oxygen and many other constituents that are present in the atmosphere. They also believe that these essentials that we require to survive include Prana. It is a different force and power which is found in different items around us and expressed with various types of expressions and parts of our human personality.

‘Pingala’ and ‘Ida’ are the main energy channels referred by Yogis that form the main centers in a human body. These lie on either side of our spinal column and are invisible. These are fine energies that are as invisible as Prana and cannot be seen even under a microscope. Though machines are available to record the effects of the movement and reactions which include blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat, pulse and various movements noticed with the cells in our brain, there are none that are subtle enough to be able to record movements that are created through Prana. It is hope that these machines come into operation soon as it would be easier for Yogi’s to explain these methods scientifically and simply.

‘Nadis’ refer to branches that strem through lesser Pranic channels that goes through various parts of our body.  Prana moves vertically through two channels vertically on both sides of our spinal column. The other name for Nadis is ‘Pravahi Nadis’. Each Yogi has a different view of the number of Nadis found in the human body. There are roughly 101 main channels according to the Upahishads. Creative growth is enhanced when Prana nourishes, irrigates and flushes out these channels. The brain which performs the most essential functions in the human body remains strengthen and achieves vigor that helps the human personality grow and work to the best of one’s ability.

Children inherit toxins from their parents and due to the artificial way of life that is experienced in today’s modern world, thanks to advanced technologies, many Pranic channels are not flushed or nourished completely. In some instances, one may notice that Prana overflows through some channels. In some cases, obstructions or bottlenecks are observed which arrests the natural flow of Prana.  This is the reason for humans contracting diseases of the inner system and physical body.

Very often, the Pranic flow is disturbed due to worries or conflicts that flit through the mind. People experience anger, jealousy and hatred, among other traits and this agitates the mind intensely. If the disturbance is experienced over a prolonged period, many psychosomatic ailments result. While this is the jargon used in medical language in the modern world, the Yogis popularly refer to it this function disorder as ‘Aadhi’ or ‘Vyadhi’ resulting from improper way of life. Vyadhi first surfaces in the body and when it moves upward, it begins to affect the mind.

People interested in getting into shape by using a relaxed method that promises fun is to check out electric power yoga. Several programs that include aerobics, Pilates and other types of exercises have been tried out by many without any success. Prana power yoga promises great results if a person is dedicated to this workout routine. Many people have reported great success and met like-minded people and gained friends. It is a great place to enjoy a workout and feel the power course through your veins.

It is essential to attend a school to practice Prana power yoga. The first step is to attend the beginner class where each individual is made to feel comfortable. Many people may find it difficult initially to try out something new. It is worthwhile trying out a real class where this type of yoga is taught though some may be comfortable trying out DVDs or property workouts. You train under qualified instructors who help you through the awkward stages and start from scratch. You may even be introduced to Pilates electric yoga to help you get on track. Learning with professionals is a great way to go to perfect the art and gain maximum benefits.

The concept of Prana is first explained in the primary class and all your queries are answered if you have any doubts. Though the pace is quick, it is easy to get into the groove and feel comfortable. It is normal to sweat profusely when you practice this type of yoga. The instructors explain that it works as a detoxifying process. You will find that you are totally relaxed and comfortable with the trainers who guide you every step of the way.

Prana power yoga classes are not expensive and one does not require purchasing any special equipment. The only essentials required are a towel, drinking water, a yoga mat and starting off with an open mind. This is very different from the other clubs that charge regular monthly fees that are quite exorbitant.

Prana power yoga is the way to go if you wish to learn the right postures. You can gain many advantages at these classes, regardless of whether you are a beginner or in the advanced stage. Make new friends and enjoy the sessions to know what Prana power yoga is all about. You will be energized to continue to attend these classes and excel with this type of a powerful workout.