Hot Yoga Weight Loss

By: admin | Date: November 25, 2012 | Categories: POST

Hot yoga weight loss for beginners is just what many people need today to lose some extra pounds. This program becomes more and more popular these days due to its proven effects on people’s health and weight. It likewise helps them reduce daily stress and stay focused. This article will reveal some basic principles of yoga that people need to understand when choosing a program for weight loss.


People, who treat their body well, should not have problems with weight loss. What this means is to have a proper diet, investing time in a daily exercise regimen which doesn’t just speed up your heart, but boosts the immune system and strengthens the muscles.

Those who would like to improve both the health of body and mind can consider hot yoga weight loss exercises. They will help them strengthen their muscles, improve the metabolism of body and its bloodstream and meditate properly.

The appropriate place where one can practice hot yoga is a heated studio. If done in professional studios, these exercises help increase the health benefits and promote transition between the different poses. Normal temperature in these studios are somewhere between 85 F and 125 F, while the higher temperature is applied for advanced classes. Hot yoga weight loss exercises have five benefits, which make them preferable choice of many people, who would like to make changes in their lifestyle.

Exercises Without Injuries

Yoga classes are created to challenge the participants to take different poses until they reach the next level. This all is done under constant supervision of instructors who make individual recommendations to each student. When the room is heated, this predisposes to easily change the poses, making the body more flexible. With time, students become more and more flexible, which makes their bones, joints and muscles not as prone as to injuries as they were before starting practicing yoga regularly.

No More Pain

Some people don’t like to continue practicing traditional yoga due to the pain and stiffness of joins they feel during the exercises. The warmth, however, will resolve this problem and will eliminate the pain completely. Actually, if a person suffers from pain in muscles and joints, he can try hot yoga to get rid of this pain completely.

Removing All The Toxins From The Body

Hot yoga is associated with asanas, which helps improve body from the inside and outside. When practicing this exercise, the white cells increase in the system, helping for disposing of toxins. The increased immunity of the students will result in rare illnesses, if any.

Weight Loss Effect

The high intensity of cardiovascular exercises that are usually offered by different weight loss programs can be dangerous for obese people. The good news is that hot yoga does not offer intensive exercises to slim down. It increases the core temperature of the body, thus helping burn more calories during the day. In addition, it oxidizes the fat cells.

Stay Relaxed

This special activity has so great impact on body’s weight that many individuals choose to practice it to shed some extra pounds. Along with this, the breathing techniques practiced during the exercises make students feel relaxed. The warmth at these classes promotes even further relaxation since the body has to work at an intense level. After achieving the hard workout, the body naturally relaxes and a person feels comfortable for quite a long time. For this reason students usually feel very relaxed after the classes. This in turn promotes better focus and more energy during the entire working day.

Specialists say that effective weight loss exercises should lead to sweating and heart rate increase. Actually, hot yoga weight loss for beginners offers students 26 poses that are practice at 100 degrees of radiant heat. This makes a people get a full workout of in no longer than 90 minutes.

Many people claim that sweating alone does not guarantee the weight loss, since after drinking some water you gain those lost pounds again, which is true but not completely. Sweating alone will not help you slim down if it is not combined with proper exercises. Fortunately, hot yoga weight loss for beginners provides all that is necessary to effectively combat the obesity.

Let’s take a look to all those benefits a person who practice hot yoga receives:

Blood flow is improved, muscles are toned and strengthen, bones receive enough blood and calcium, lungs are flushed and all internal organs are massaged. In addition the immune system is improved and works properly in eliminating all harmful toxins from the body. The body receives all those natural and necessary elements, including enough oxygen to function properly.

People with improved circulation naturally clean their body. The lymph system is flushed and pumped to work much more effectively than before and to help restore the natural body cleansing mechanisms.Following the hot yoga classes, the skin and hair throw the toxins out of the body, making it clean and relaxed.

Fat deposits, which often cause stiffness in joints, are released and the body increases its flexibility and much bettercshape. This leads to fat burning out.

When the muscles are practiced, they weigh more, but the good news are that these pounds are good. You will notice that you look and feel well in clothes with smaller size. You will see how your body transforms class after class making forming muscles on your body instead of those ugly fatty deposits.

Although many still feel puzzled when considering hot yoga weight loss for beginners, the practitioners confirm it really works. One specific form of hot yoga is Bikram style, which is practiced in a studio heated to 105 degrees F and enough percent of humidity. Other students even practice asana in saunas. Bikram consists of 26 poses along with two exercises for proper breathing. They all promote proper functioning of all parts of the body thus ensuring that all body needs are duly addressed.


Practicing other yoga styles in air-conditioned rooms cannot offer such great weight loss results as hot yoga can do to help you slim down. This is because your body works hard in humidity and heat and derives greater benefits from these yoga poses.