Bikram Yoga Calories Burned

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Bikram Yoga Calories Burned make a difference in Quick Weight Loss

Bikram Yoga calories burned  has made this practice a popular sport, so much so innumerable people are interested in practicing Bikram Yoga to improve their health, well being and achieve goals to burn fat and shed weight. They are interested in trying out various postures suggested in a heated area that has to be performed with controlled breathing. This helps them to improve their metabolic rate and in turn, shed weight.

People, who have performed this popular sport in a room that is heated to 105 degree F, will experience perspiration with intensive exercise that is normally felt when participating in other sports. One of the major queries put forward with regards to health is the number of bikram yoga calories burned in one session that brings about weight loss.

Bikram Yoga calories burned

Is it possible to lose many calories when performing Bikram yoga at a single session as against performing cardiovascular exercises or running? This is a question that is frequently asked. While it is possible to lost nearly 2 lbs of water weight after each session of Bikram yoga, there is no definite way to gauge which is more effective though this is definitely a great achievement, according to practitioners who are keen on losing weight quickly and efficiently

Each person may lose calories according to their age, weight, sex and amount of effort expended, temperature and many other reasons. The rough approximation may range between 600 to about 1,300 calories. These figures have been given by the QuickFit Hot Yoga doctors. Given below is an explanation of the bikram yoga calories burned by an individual that affects weight, when practicing yoga for 90 minutes:

A person who weighs 180 lbs can lose roughly 1,200 number of calories whereas a person who is150 lbs loses about 1,000 number of calories. A person who weighs 100 lbs loses about 650 calories.

It may be possible to track calories shed when practicing Bikram yoga but this should not be the yardstick for reducing weight or the main focus. Other factors such as diet regime should also be taken into account when trying to lose weight. If the weight loss results in burning more calories than those consumed, it will definitely yield positive results. It does not help to lose 1000 calories and splurge on a hot chocolate sundae as a bonus! Consistency should be maintained with regular diet and exercise to maintain healthy schedules. Regular workouts followed by a sensible diet plan go a long way to help maintain weight after bikram yoga calories burned is registered.

A good tip is to concentrate on improving the yoga postures and enjoy the benefits in order to become healthy and experience weight loss. Learn how to perfect the postures and work in a heated area for maximum benefits.

Try to practice Bikram yoga instead of worrying about calories or weight loss. Once the introductory session is completed, a person feels motivated and different. It is worth while trying this art instead of whiling away time at home. It is not possible to lose weight idling away in the house when there are several ways of losing weight and feeling energized and healthy.

The body contributes to the burning of calories due to practicing Bikram yoga as it tries to unite the soul, atman and Brahman which is the super-spirit. It has been proved that practitioners can shed 200 calories every 30 minutes when practicing this sport. People from different walks of life are fascinated with the fitness routines practiced in Hatha Yoga and this art has spread from India to American and many dancers, fighters and athletes are enthusiastic about trying out this form of yoga on a daily basis.  Apart from burning calories, this form of yoga encourages people to get into a routine, relax, increase their metabolism and muscle hypertrophy, prevent injuries, trigger the abs and other core muscles as well as provide the necessary “high” required to elevate both spirit and mind.

Practicing yoga increases or provides the same benefits as traditional exercises for the heart. When performing low-intensity exercises, it is possible to get rid of love-handles, though yoga also provides these results. It is possible to burn about 300 calories by maintaining a steady low intensity pace at 3 mph and walking for one hour. It is possible to maintain the heart rate when performing yoga for 45 to about 60 minutes. Yoga helps a person achieve the same results as walking on the treadmill for the same time period. The difference however with yoga is that all the body parts move and most of the muscles get stimulated. This proves that the benefits are better, when practicing yoga as the entire body is worked out, instead of only the quads. With yoga, there is no need to master each posture. It suffices to achieve certain positions that improve the overall health of mind and body.

Hill climbing or sprinting is a great way to burn fat when a person is physically active. It is similar to working out cardio exercises at high intensity. It is possible to burn 600 calories by working on the treadmill for about 200 minutes. This cannot be practiced by people of any age or fitness level though it sounds a good way to work off calories with good results. With high intensity workouts, one rests during the interval session, which is part of the training, before walking and then running up and down continuously. It is not difficult to create this type of high intensity for yogis. They perform harder postures and work through the routines at a quicker pace. The body fitness levels are similarly achieved with both yoga as well as high intensity workouts as the entire body gets the workout. Learning from a guru will hasten bikram yoga calories burned as the practitioner is able to expend calories naturally and this proves more advantageous than working out calories on the treadmill.

Bikram yoga is proving to be very popular with people who practice other forms of yoga as well. This is due to the fact that it is possible to burn many calories when practicing these postures. Many poses are suggested with the Bikram yoga type of exercises that help burn many fat calories. The entire body unites to combine the mind with the spirit and help improve flexibility and develop a healthy strong system. These are the factors that suggest that Bikram yoga is the answer to enjoying a healthier way of life.